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the-more-u-knowMy name is Skyler I live in Utah USA for the time being I am very active I compete in MMA and train about 12 hours a week. I created this blog because I love health and wellness information. I am a student of health and wellness and will be my whole life. **Dont get mad at me if I post something wrong, please do the human thing and message me correcting me of my mistake so I can learn from it** Thats why I have this blog, to learn and share health and wellness information.

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I am a health and wellness blog that mainly posts health and wellness information posts. Sometimes I post non health related posts but it's not the norm.

If you are inspired by information to reach your health and wellness goals like I am then maybe we would be a good fit :)

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10 most common nightmares diagnosed

Author and radio host Diane Brandon has interpreted hundreds of dreams during her 40 years as a student of sleep research.
“I feel that our unconscious, which is the source of most but not all of our dreams, is a wonderful inner ally that is trying to bring us to wholeness and balance,” Brandon tell us.
Brandon helped us compile a list of the 10 most common nightmares, or dreams with negative meanings, which we have only edited for clarity.

Check out her website HERE

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    Number 5. The first half. It’s my favorite feeling.
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    Notice that its usually inadequacy or being overwhelmed? Pffft
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